Fraud Reporting

The Office of the City Controller strives to eliminate waste, fraud and abuse in City of Philadelphia government. Taxpayer money should be spent effectively and efficiently. Rooting out fraud and waste helps ensure that your dollars work to improve Philadelphia and the lives of its residents.

If you suspect a city employee, contractor or vendor of misusing city resources, violating city policy or committing fraud, we encourage you to report it to the Controller’s Office today.

Some examples of fraud, waste and abuse include:

  • Theft or misuse of city money, equipment, supplies or other materials;
  • Soliciting or accepting a bribe or kickback;
  • Intentionally misreporting the cost of goods or services provided;
  • Unnecessary spending of city funds to purchase supplies or equipment;
  • Misusing an official position to achieve personal gain; and
  • Making procurement or vendor selections that violate existing policies or are needlessly expensive or extravagant.

You can report fraud, waste or abuse to the Controller’s Office using the Fraud Hotline (215-686-3804) or through our online form.

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