City Of Philadelphia Office Of The Controller

As the independent financial watchdog for the City of Philadelphia, it is the mission of the City Controller to promote the effective and efficient operation of Philadelphia government by identifying cost savings, recommending best practices and modernization, and exposing fraud and mismanagement. Under City Controller Rebecca Rhynhart, the office is committed to transparency, accountability and good government.

Estimates of the Impact of COVID-19 on the City of Philadelphia’s Tax Revenues

The Controller’s Office used City data to estimate the effect of COVID-19 on tax revenues.

Visualization: Revised FY21-FY25 Budget

The Controller’s Office created an interactive data visualization tool for the City’s revised FY2021 budget.

Balancing the FY21 Budget Without Raising Taxes

The Controller’s Office identified more than $120 million in savings that that could be used to eliminate the need for tax increases and restore funding to departments that were dramatically cut in the revised FY21 budget.

Rebecca Rhynhart, City Controller

In January 2018, Rebecca Rhynhart made history when she was sworn in as City Controller for the City of Philadelphia, the first woman ever to hold the position. As City Controller, she is committed to using a positive, results-oriented approach with City departments. She will work to restore the public’s trust in government – good government – that works for the people. She will audit every department, every year to cut waste and root out fraud and mismanagement, as well as to recommend modernization tactics and best practices that could result in millions of dollars of savings annually.

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