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Press Releases: City Controller & City Commissioners Announce Primary Election Success, Demonstrate Preparedness for November


PHILADELPHIA – Today, the City Controller and City Commissioners announced a new and improved process to pay poll workers within two weeks of their election day service, delivering payment almost four times faster than in prior elections.  

In advance of the April 23 primary election, the Controller’s, Commissioners’, and Treasurer’s offices worked together to optimize the use of electronic poll books to establish an improved system of processing checks and streamline the accounting and approval process.

As a result of the successful cross-department effort, the city was able to process 7,717 checks totaling about $1,800,000 in just two weeks. In years past, it took eight weeks, and sometimes more, for individuals to receive their checks.

“The work of poll workers in Philadelphia is indispensable. We want them to know they will be paid quickly for their time, both for trainings and on election day, so they will continue to show up and help folks cast their ballots,” said City Controller Christy Brady, at a press conference held at Love Park. “All eyes will be on Philadelphia this November and it’s our job to keep the wheels moving for democracy.”

For the last several years, Philadelphia has operated with a shortage of poll workers. The City Controller and Commissioners hope an expedient payroll process will attract more residents to dedicate their time to helping run our city’s elections.

“We’ve experienced residents who don’t want to sign up to be poll workers because they don’t want to wait to be paid,” said City Commissioner Omar Sabir, Chairman. “Now with the pay coming much quicker, we are excited to get more poll workers assisting with our election process.”

“The electronic poll books have made all the difference. I’ve been researching this technology for years and discussing how it would really make a difference for the poll worker experience,” said City Commissioner Lisa Deeley, Vice-Chair. “I appreciate the City Controller’s willingness to partner with us and help play a major role to creating a quicker payment process.”

“It is so important for recruiting poll workers that they get respected and paid in an appropriate timeline,” said City Commissioner Seth Bluestein. “All the work from election day doesn’t end at 8 p.m. when the polls close. It takes weeks of hard work and long hours to ensure the votes get counted and the poll workers get paid.”

“ES&S is proud to partner with the City of Philadelphia to provide an electronic poll book solution that benefits poll workers and voters,” said Jim Schmidt, Executive Vice President and COO. “Philadelphia has implemented the latest election technology to streamline Election Day and beyond. It’s exciting to see their commitment to enhancing the experience for poll workers and voters, and we’re proud to play a role.”

Visit for more information on how to become a poll worker in Philadelphia.


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