City Controller’s Guide to Generating New Revenues and Savings April 2013

Audit Date: April 15, 2013
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Controller: Alan Butkovitz
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Executive Summary

For Immediate Release:
April 15, 2013

Contact: Harvey Rice

Butkovitz Releases Guide for City to Generate Millions
City Controller outlines recommendations for City’s new
Chief Revenue Collection Officer

Guide to Generating New Revenues & Savings

Letter to Thomas Knudsen, Chief Revenue Collection Officer

PHILADELPHIA – City Controller Alan Butkovitz today released a report outlining 15 recommendations worth more than $600 million in revenues and savings opportunities for the City. The report is intended to be a guide for the city’s new Revenue Collection Officer.

“As the city moves forward with its action plan to improve collections for taxes, fees, fines and any other payments owed, my Office has provided a number of revenue-generating recommendations that can act as a guide in your efforts to realizing new funding streams,” said Butkovitz, in a letter to Thomas Knudsen, Chief Revenue Collection Officer.

The recommendations were developed from audits and reports issued by the Controller’s Office. Some of the recent recommendations and corresponding dollar amounts included in the Controller’s guide include the following:
• $132 million – improve collection procedures and aggressively collect unpaid water and sewer bills.
• $70 million – pursue all unpaid fines and fees for trash, litter and false alarm citations
• $12 million – implement an eProcurement system to create a more efficient and effective contracting method.
• $5 million collect amounts owed for police services by all businesses and individuals.

“I urge you [Knudsen], along with the Revenue Department to utilize this report to increase revenue collections and enhance the quality of service for all Philadelphians,” said Butkovitz.

Butkovitz continued, “This report outlines recommendations, if implemented, would not only provide the City of Philadelphia with a more efficient and effective government, but also an opportunity to realize hundreds of millions of dollars in revenues and savings.”

“It is unfair for hard-working Philadelphians who pay their taxes on time to be at the mercy of those who don’t. Our city must be aggressive when collecting what is owed and seizing every revenue and savings opportunity possible.”